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Just for Dogs

Training for all dogs over six months of age.

Private Training and Coaching

Individual sessions in your home. Learn the building blocks for better behavior, or dig deep into problem solving for your pet.

Non-package Pricing: 

​6 sessions: $600

9 sessions: $900

12 sessions: $1,125



Day Training

All training packages are available as Day Training!

Your dog gets trained while you are at work!

Receive report cards, homework and video.

Phone and Email support available during training period.

Scheduled Transfer Sessions are one-on-one with your trainer.


Training Consultation

​60 to 90 minute consult and strategy session in person.

  • Required for any training package.

    • Get to know the trainer.

    • Receive management recommendations for unwanted behaviors. 


CONTACT US to schedule!


Good Behavior Basics

​Six week program, one hour training sessions

  • Review known cues and teach new skills

  • Basic Manners & Life Skills

    • Sit, Down, Come when called.

    • Leash Walking (for non-reactive dogs)

    • Mat training

    • Polite greetings- No jumping!

    • Crate training plan

    • House training plan

    • Impulse Control basics- Wait, Leave It

    • Resource Guarding Prevention

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period



Walk and Train: Leash Skills

​Eight, half-hour training sessions

  • Program focusing on loose leash walking only

  • Skills

    • Attention to handler

    • No pulling

    • Polite greetings on leash

  • Not appropriate for dogs who bark or lunge at other dogs or people.

  • Includes video and progress reports for your dog.

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period



Behavior Modification: Leash Reactivity

For dogs who pull, lunge​ and/or bark on leash

  • Tailored desensitization and counter-conditioning program for YOUR dog

    • Scheduled weekly training sessions

    • Learning Focus and Calm around other dogs

    • Two month initial training period**

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period

(special package pricing)

** Behavioral Modification comes with an OPEN ENDED time frame. Success of behavioral modification depends on owner commitment to training, need for veterinary prescribed medications, level of severity of the issue, and individual dog. Referral to a Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviorist may occur at any time at trainers discretion.


Maintenance Sessions

Tune-up sessions to keep manners in shape. 

  • Two 45-minute sessions per month

    • One month package- $180​

    • Two month package - $340

    • Three month package - $486

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period


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