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Training for all dogs
Plus, puppies over four months of age

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Walking with Dogs

Convenient sessions in the comfort of your home.

Your dog works with you, and the Trainer, on the behaviors you need where you need them! Our programs are tailored your lifestyle, dog and home!

Group Classes for Puppies and Dogs are offered at Homestead Veterinary Hospital in Cary with Paisley Lunchick. 

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Furry Dog

Our programs can be customized to your family's specific needs. We will help your dog with the skills they need for a lifetime in your family and home!

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Family Dog Program


Complete adolescent and adult dog private lesson training series focusing on the basic skills needed to be a well mannered and adjusted member of the family. Review known cues and teach new ones!

This Program Includes
One on one, personalized training program

6 private lessons
Clicker, treat pouch and notebook 
Private Facebook Group with Educational Support   
Lifetime Email and Phone Support


Example skills covered:      

  Basic obedience and leash walking
Trick training, structured and creative exercise

Impulse control for greetings, and polite manners indoors or out and about

Additional Skills: House and Crate training plan, Resource Guarding Prevention as needed


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