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Just for Dogs

Training for all dogs over six months of age and special services for Senior and Aging Dogs

Walking with Dogs

Private Lessons

Convenient sessions in the comfort of your home.

Your dog works with you and the Trainer on the behaviors you need, where you need them! Our programs are tailored your lifestyle, home and family.

Day Training

For the busy owner or family, we can kick-start or polish your dog's manners while you work!

Your dog works with the Trainer first. Bring Camp to your home: Your dog will have exercise, a potty break and training during the day. 

All Programs are available as Day Training.

Furry Dog

Our programs can be customized to your family's specific needs. We will help your dog with the skills they need for a lifetime in your family and home!

Family Dog Program

  • Complete dog and adolescent training series focusing on the basics needed to be a well mannered and adjusted member of the family. Review known cues and teach new skills!

Basic Manners, Obedience & Life Skills

  • Sit, Down, Come when called.

  • Leash Walking (for non-reactive dogs)

  • Mat/Place training

  • Polite greetings- No jumping!

  • Impulse Control- Stay, Leave It/Drop It, Table manners and Door manners.

  • House, Crate training and Resource Guarding Prevention plan for dogs requiring these skills. 

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period



Walk and Train: Leash Pullers

Offered as half-hour training sessions

Program focusing on leash manners only.
Your dog will learn how to walk on a loose leash- it's a dog walker and trainer in one!

Includes video and progress reports for your dog.

Skills covered-

  • Attention to handler

  • No pulling or zig-zagging!

  • Polite greetings on leash

This program is not appropriate for dogs who bark, growl or lunge at other dogs or people.

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period



Maintenance Sessions

Tune-up sessions to keep manners in shape. 

Two 45-minute sessions per month

  • One month package- $180​

  • Two month package - $340

  • Three month package - $486

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period


Just for Seniors

Specialty services for Special pets

Image by Alexi Ohre

Senior Pet Wellness

We love our pets, for their whole lives. But growing older can present new challenges for our senior dogs and cats. As our pets age, mobility and sensory changes can affect their quality of life. Sensory losses such as sight or hearing and mobility difficulties from ageing can slow down your senior. 

As Registered Veterinary Technicians and Pet Trainers, we can assist in increasing your senior pet's quality of life, and also help them stay engaged with life for longer. 

During a Senior Pet Wellness Consultation we will examine ways to:

  • Increase and maintain cognitive function through training

  • Explore new ways to train your pet to accommodate vision or hearing challenges as your pet ages

  • Find creative ways to meet your pets new mobility challenges

  • Provide new types of enrichment for your pet to easily enjoy

  • Create a home exercise plan to improve your pets mobility and strength

  • Train cooperative care behaviors or desensitize to veterinary procedures that your pet may have to endure more often as they age​

90 minute to 2 hour consultation


Additional training or follow-up sessions not included with consultation.

ALL senior pets must be under the care of a veterinarian and be treated accordingly for any medical concerns. At any time the trainer may refer client(s) to a veterinarian, veterinary behaviorist, or veterinary rehabilitation specialist.


Pinnacle Pet Training, LLC does not provide medical advice.


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