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When things are tough, we're here to help you and your dog.

Training for puppies and dogs exhibiting behavior concerns.
We can help you and your dog feel more confidence and less stress at home, around the neighborhood or at the veterinarian.

An Initial Consultation is required prior to Training Services

Behavior Modification Programs

Focused on setting you and your companion up for success with a tailored program, built just for your dog's unique challenges. We will discuss your goals and help address concerns in your home, or out and about. Gain confidence handling your dog and help your dog gain confidence in return!

Behavior Modification can include: 

Fear, Anxiety and Phobias, Reactivity: Barking, lunging and growling. Isolation or Separation Distress and Anxiety. Resource Guarding. Multiple-Pet Relationship issues. Human or Animal aggression and more.

Email and Phone support within business hours, during lesson period.

* Behavior Modification comes with an open ended time frame.

Success of behavior modification depends on owner commitment to training, need for veterinary prescribed medications, level of severity of the issue, and individual dog. Referral to a Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviorist may occur at any time at trainer's discretion.

Pinnacle Pet Training, llc reserves the right to refuse any case with a bite history at the Trainer's discretion.


Paisley has been an amazing dog trainer! I have a very large rambunctious 3 year old labradoodle who is leash reactive and since working with Paisley he’s like a new dog! He was quite difficult to walk prior to working with Paisley and she taught me methods for managing his leash reactivity so that now we can enjoy our walks! 

— Stephanie and Finley

Rescue Puppy
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