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Are visits to the veterinarian's office scary?
We can help with that. 

Husbandry Training

For all pets, of any age!
We offer Behavior Modification and Preventative Skills

Fear Free Veterinary  Behavior Modification
and Cooperative Care

Behavior Mod

For pets who are fearful, aggressive or need more confidence during routine care at the Veterinary office.

​Tailored plan for your dog's unique challenges and needs, focusing on desensitization and counter-conditioning for discomfort, fear and anxiety surrounding the veterinary environment and at-home care. 


Training sessions take place at Homestead Veterinary Hospital in Cary

Training Skills: Muzzle training, Mat training and Relaxation Protocol and more

Counter conditioning and desensitization: Help your pet be comfortable during routine visits and procedures with coercion free day to day care and handling skills
Consent behaviors: Teach your pet to be a part of his veterinary visit

Owner skills: Have the tools and skills to be your pet's advocate

Additional Skills: Trick Training to improve confidence in the veterinary setting

Training occurs at a pace your pet is comfortable with

Sessions are 30-45 minutes, depending on the pet


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* Behavioral Modification comes with an open ended time frame.

Success of behavioral modification depends on owner commitment to training, need for veterinary prescribed medications, level of severity of the issue, and individual dog. Referral to Veterinary Behaviorist may occur at any time at trainer's discretion.

Pinnacle Pet Training, llc reserves the right to refuse any case with a bite history at the Trainer's discretion.

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