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Private Training

Pinnacle Pet Training offers both Private Training, one-on-one lessons at home, and Day Training where a trainer will come to your home while you are at work. 

Group Classes

Group Classes are offered at Shiloh Animal Hospital in Morrisville, North Carolina with Paisley Lunchick. 

Need a little help or positive way to address specific concerns? 

Pinnacle Pet Training can help with basic manners, jumping on guests, leash pulling, reactivity, house training, and more!

Pinnacle Pet Training, LLC offers positive reinforcement training and behavior modification for pets in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. We have a commitment to helping pet owners and pets succeed in living their best lives by strengthening bonds and building relationships.


Using science based, positive reinforcement training, we focus on building behavior that will improve both pet and pet owner's lives. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to continue lifelong training, not just to put band-aids on unwanted behaviors.

New Puppy & Kitten training

Get your new family pet started off on the right foot. The earlier the better! Focus will be on socialization, basic manners, coming when called,  husbandry training, crate and house training, and other age appropriate games to make training fun! Includes counseling for those typical puppy or kitten problems.

Adolescent & Adult Dog training

Let us help you address concerns you may have about your family pet. Training can happen and help at any age! From basic  manners coming when called and leash pulling to jumping up, house training, crate training and more.

Veterinary Cooperative training

Behavior modification training for the veterinary patient.


Does your pet hate nail trims, run from the ear cleaner, or hide from your veterinarian? Let us help your pet to be relaxed and confident with everyday husbandry care and common veterinary procedures.

Feline Training Packages

Nuisance behaviors, litterbox issues, multi-cat conflict, and enrichment evaluations. 

Senior Pet Wellness

Life presents new challenges for our senior cats and dogs. We will help you find new ways to keep you pet engaged and enjoying life!


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